The star funds of the best management companies

How to find the best management companies? To answer this question, we asked Quantalys to rate them according to the average number of stars that each company specializes in analyzing and comparing funds.


  • The Net Asset Value of a fund is the valuation of all the securities or financial instruments invested in a portfolio. When an investor subscribes or redeems a unit, he moves the liabilities of the fund. This results in a cash contribution or withdrawal at the asset level.
  • In case of subscription, the manager invests this cash in securities or instruments according to the management policy.
  • In case of redemption, the manager uses the residual cash of the asset (ie the uninvested cash ) or has to sell assets in order to repay the customer.

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Monetary and bond instruments have little interest in the current stock market, we have retained only equity funds, diversified and absolute performance. To compete, it was necessary to manage at least 5 equity and diversified media credited with a history of at least five years. Lastly, in order to eliminate management companies that are too small, the minimum outstanding amount should be 250 million Euros Quantity of exhibition booth design & contractor Singapore

To conclude, note the absence in this list of two very promising management companies. They are not ranked due to a three-year history for some of their funds: Kira, who would otherwise have been in the lead with an average score of 4.83 and a 83% share of 5-star funds, and the Provide Management company, which would have appeared to the 3 rd  place with a score of 4.56..