get better knowledge about stitch fix

Make use of this to get better knowledge about stitch fix

A few years back I came to know about stitch fix and I thought it is a good idea to try out quality as compared to quantity. So I ordered a box from them. Based on my personal experience, reviews of stitch fix from my friends and also on other websites, this is my feedback for the website. I was quite satisfied with the service and would recommend it but here is the detailed feedback so that you can choose it for yourself.

personalized shopping experience

  • The deal – As you get to choose from 5 items per month on your preferences this is a personalized shopping experience. You can choose to order jewellery, bags, clothes, shoes, or other accessories. You pay only for those that you like that too after trying out at home and not when you place the order. You get three days to select the product.
  • Money – a 20$ styling fee is charged upfront by stitch fix. If you buy even one item from them then that 20$ is cut from the price of that item, so you can consider it as a deposit fee rather than a styling fee. The average cost of an item on the website is around 55$ but it can go up to 500$ also, depending upon the choices made available and your budget. If you buy all the five items then you get a 25 percent off on the order amount.
  • Signing up – it is easy to sign up but takes around half an hour because in the style profile you must enter all the details. Be sure to put all the details of size and style properly. If possible enter details of some Pinterest styles that you like. Also mention the type of things or the products that you would like to see in the box, like if you like skirts more than denim then do mention that so your style guide or personal shopper will pick the best items for you. There are a lot of questions on the website to answer so do answer everything carefully and correctly although that may take up some time.
  • Shipment – the shipment can be received within a week and so you don’t have to wait much longer for the products.
  • Return and checkout – returning the extra products and checkout process are super fast and easy and free too.

According to reviews of stitch fix, it is highly recommended if you are looking for style and surprises.