Gaining perspectives from immersion in another culture

The economy was in poor shape and, because of this, my earnings were way down. I had grown disillusioned with what I had been doing for a living. I had grown restless and bored with American culture and its preoccupation with star and things. I also was at an age now where I felt invisible to girls. Given the fact I was totally gray haired at 45 years old and not thought of as a wealthy man, it seemed that my choices were limited. In a nutshell, my attention had gravitated to one of shortage. I was determined that this trip would change that. How did people in Other areas of the world live their lives What were their values and what was important to them How did they treat their fellow citizens What were some of the habits that differed from mine What did they want or have in their lives that made them happy

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For well over 15 Years, I had friends urge me to go to America as they did many times. They often explained to me that the culture and the girls were much different than what I had been accustomed to here in the States. I guess I was in a stage in my life, at the moment, where that was either irrelevant or held no specific importance for me. But now things were different. I was curious, nervous, and enthused about the possibility of traveling to a foreign land. I recently had begun to step outside my comfort zone doing things I had never done before. Nearly a year before, I had established a site which was something that I had absolutely zero experience with. I heard about keywords, SEO, java script, code, forcing traffic to your website, and affiliate marketing among other things. It was a completely new world for me. With this foray into the unknown and with a few smaller successes, my confidence grew.

Also began writing Again both on my site and writing two books still in development with the aim of self publishing these functions. Again, this could be a new experience as I would need to learnĀ USA Travel Advice to format the books for shipping to electronics rather than the conventional soft or hard cover publishing strategy. I also would need to learn about the many methods you could employ to advertise those books. In a nutshell, I was stepping outside fairly frequently into unknown territory. During this period of time, I had cultivated some friends online in America. I also had the advantage of having friends who had traveled there several times. I brushed up on some of the customs and culture of America. Equipped with this advice, I was convinced that a trip alone would not be as frightening as you may think.