Fun drinking games – Act now with Beer Pong

Drinking gamesCollege students gather on Friday and Saturday nights to party and play beer pong table. Bear pong is simple to learn and installation, but harder to master. This is also among the best drinking games. Anyone can play beer pong table; therefore, it is among the most popular drinking games. Shooting skills play a fantastic role in ping. If you shoot well, you will find this game more exciting. There are lots of such games to play. Keep reading to understand how to play them.


To play beer pong match, you need a table. The duration of the table ought to be equivalent to the duration of a ping-pong table. Other items you need include 16-oz cups, ping-pong beer and balls.


Typically, the game contains 2 teams With 2 player in every team. Each team remains on its respective side of the table. Almost in most beer pong table games, cups are put up in triangles of 10 or 6.

To ensure competitiveness and drinking pressure, each upward is filled at least 30 percent with beer. Lastly, 1 cup of water is put on one side of the table to be able to permit players to wash their balls inside before shooting.

Game play

Beer pong table is a turn-based game. To initiate the game, a team tries to throw two balls into the cups of additional team. If the ball drops in the cup and remains there, the other must drink out of the cup. Then the empty cup is removed. Next, another team tries to throw shoot two balls and the game continues.


The shooting turns continue until one of the teams shoots each the cups of another team. Then the team is known as winner. As a rule of thumb, the winners have to drink the remainder of the beer cups on the table and click here to get more details.

Remember: there are many homes rules in beer pong table games. As an example, some rules state that if one of the team successfully throws 2 balls into one match, the team gets one more round to take balls. Additionally, there are re-racking rules, where the cups formation could be changed depending on the amount of cups left. In a nutshell, there are various house rules for different beer pong games.