Order edit module – Handle orders in a more efficient way

There have 2 methods to install the Prestashop Order Edit module to an online store which includes installing from Back Office and using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Throughout this post, I will introduce to readers how to install this module by FTP. The key purpose of this method is putting the Prestashop Order Edit folder into website theme’s module folder. You need to use cPanel or file manager that hosting provides you in order to upload this module. From my point of view, the way of installing a module with FTP is somehow more complex than Back Office. Of course, if you install it by FTP, you will have other options such as giving folder permissions while it can’t be done with Back Office.


Firstly, you need to download Prestashop Order Edit module. A module archived file will be saved to your computer.

Secondly, it requires having FTP client software installed on your system in order to set up this module as well as other PrestaShop modules. You can select one FTP software to install on the computer such as cute FTP, XP FTP client, and FileZilla. In this tutorial, we use FileZilla FTP client because of simple layout and free to use. These FTP information are required (You can get them by contacting with hosting provider or create by yourself in the cPanel):

  • FTP Username
  • FTP password
  • FTP server

Note that you have to use port 21 for FTP, and port 22 for SFTP.


The module archived files need to be extracted before uploading to FTP. In the below screenshot, I use WinRAR software to decompress it:

Prestashop Order Edit

Next, you should start FileZilla FTP client program and fill in FTP information such as username, password, server, and Port number.

In the Remote site field, you need to put the module theme’s folder URL.

In the Local site field, please browse to the module file folder in your computer. After that, please do right click on the module folder, and select “Upload” button.

Prestashop Order Edit

After uploading successfully, please go to PrestaShop back office, then access “Module & Services” section by following the below steps in the screenshot:

Prestashop Order Edit

In the search box, please type “ordermanager” in order to search for Prestashop Order Edit module:

Prestashop Order Edit

Please click on “Install” button:

Prestashop Order Edit

A successful message will be shown up:

If you find any difficulty with installing this module, please feel free to contact us to get support.