The Most Wonderful Adventure Called Change

4Heraclitus once said that the only inevitable thing in this world is change. Change is continuously occurring whether we select to make alteration or not. Things indeed modify: seeds shoot, flowers whither, caterpillars turn out to be butterflies, clothes turn into being worn, and waves corrode the shores. Change occurs. It is just a portion of this life, but then again sometimes we need to pick to make transformation. Creating change can perhaps be frightening, for it insinuates we are walking into the unknown. It indicates we cannot anymore regulate the existing time and the future. It represents the fact that we have to set free of the desire of our ego to hang onto matters, confront our fear and concern about the upcoming time, have confidence in our capability to make our lives, and undertake that step into that thrilling adventure named change.

Whenever I feel frightened about creating changes in my existence, the idea of the jester card of the Tarot emerges. The Tarot is a multifaceted language of secret language instilled with mystical and metaphysical connotation. In this particular card the Jester looks like a carefree young guy, holding the white roses of cleanliness and blamelessness and boarding on a trip right off a cliff into an enormous fissure. Is the Fool totally unaware of his surrounds and the imminent risk of walking off into the void underneath? Or, has he completed the decision to go forward on his journey in life, acting on trust that the heavens will preserve him and maintains his safety and guide him in the exact direction as he paces into the mystery, the future?

The Fool card takes a number zero. Zero is nonentity, unfilled, yet filled with all possibilities. The zero is mutually a window to present us image of our options, and likewise the entrance that offers us a road towards individual growth and realizing our abilities and our aspirations. During the moment that we select to make modification, we liberate ourselves from the manacles of anxiety and the want to know and manipulate everything. As we choose transformation, we expose ourselves up to discover the adventure that is called life. By moving into the mystery, we join with our Real Selves.

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Best Things to do for Adventure

Water Rafting

During the vacant time, it is also best to be in an adventure once in a while with the family. One of the best things that we can do when we are just at home is to maximize the bond for our kids as well as with or friends. When it comes to that, the best thing that you can do is to go on a travel during your free day. There are also lots of things that you can do in order to create another level of adventure.

When planning for a good trip, make sure to prepare all the important things ahead of time. This means to say that you have to decide early on the place that you wanted to go for vacation an adventure. Aside from that, it is also best to do some research about the activities to enjoy in the place that you would want to go. In that case, here are some of best things that you can choose to enjoy when planning to make the best adventure experience.


  1. Water Rafting. This is one of the best adventures that anyone would enjoy in Pennsylvania. When it comes to this, all you have to do is to ride into a rubber boat while enjoying the adventure of the wide river found in such country. Both young and old can have the chance of enjoying the said activity since it is proven to be safe and enjoyable. This is also one of the reasons behind the growing tourist’s visits in their place.

  2. Zip Line. This is now one of the most popular activities that you can also choose to enjoy. Most of the time, zip line is being established into mountainous places particularly in the different Asian countries. If you want to experience this adventure, then the best thing to do for now is to look for places where zip line is available and enjoy the activity with your whole family and friends.

  3. Skiing. This is another enjoyable activity that will give you another level of adventure. You can simply visit those places where snows are recently happening; or you can also visit malls and enjoy skiing into their artificial ice rink.

  4. Diving. When you are also a good swimmer and you love the depth of the ocean, then you can also choose to enjoy the adventure of diving and see the different creatures underwater.

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Exotic Wedding Ideas

exotic-wedding-ideasMost of the weddings nowadays are held in church since this has been the most traditional way and they believe as the most sacred means of getting married. However, due to the modernization of our world nowadays, weddings can now be held to other places and the best thing about it is it can even be made through some unusual wedding ideas.

Nowadays, weddings can be held in the most exotic manner as long as both the couple is enjoying and making the most of their celebration together. When it comes to that, there are also lots of expert ideas that you can consider. There are now recent magazine issues where exotic wedding is being published and on the other hand, you can also read some related blogs about weddings and its preparation.

Here are also some of the simple ideas that you can consider in making the most exotic wedding ever.

  1. Underwater Wedding. This can be one of the ideas that you can try on for your own wedding day. Most of the weddings will have you to wear wedding and bridesmaid dresses, however, when you can have it underwater, then the only thing that you have to prepare about is your swimming wear. This will even help you trim down your expenses. When you plan to have this kind of wedding, then make sure to select for the best venue at the same time. Choosing a white-sand beach would be a perfect venue for your wedding event.
  2. Parachute Wedding. This is another exotic idea that you can also apply for your wedding day. All you have to do is to both ride in an airplane and jump on it with your parachute. This must be the most extraordinary marriage that you could ever have. You can still look for suitable bridal dress at, so that your bride can still wear the best dress that she deserves on that special day.
  3. Ice Rink Wedding. You can also try to get marry at the middle of the snow. When it is not yet the winter season, then using the wide ice rink would be best for the both of you. You can just both wear your skating rink will saying the vows to each other in the middle of the bone crunching ice crystals.

These are some of the most exotic wedding ideas that you can try on in your wedding day.

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ATV Racing as an Extreme Sport

Research shows that ATV racing or quad bike racing is an intense physical activity that increases the heart rate and the blood rate of a person, making it as a good substitute to aerobic exercises and other rigorous activity that melt body fats. This is one reason why ATV racing is not only toys for the big boys, but also an extreme sport for those who want to have a shift from their usual gym exercises. In fact, a lot of seasoned riders claim that they experience soreness in their upper body a few hours after engaging with ATV racing for at least 2 hours. This goes to show that ATV racing can positively flex those muscles and offer cardiovascular exercises.

Quad bike racing is an adrenaline-rushing activity that is best for both the big and small boys from ages 8 and above. The activity can put them into a sweat it out mode without pushing them to sports classes, dance classes and other kid-related classes that get them to move. While such activities are pretty interesting and some kids do love to be in sports or in swimming, some kids are not too comfortable with it and find ATV racing as a better option instead. Giving them the chance to ride on the vehicle and develop their skills in ATV riding is one way of flexing their upper body muscles, increasing stamina and energizing their body cells as they swerve, turn, balance, jump or criss cross their way through the bushes in the ATV track. Apart from that, since they find the activity exciting and fun, their bodies release a particular hormone that could affect their performance physiologically and mentally.

Dirt bike racing also enhances one’s bodily strength. Given of the weight and size of a racing ATV, you deliberately need to bulk up those muscles to be able to lift or manipulate it when it gets stuck somewhere in the track. Furthermore, strengthening one’s body also enhances cardiovascular and respiratory systems. As one of the body systems work, the rest of the systems also work because every system in our body is connected with one another. So when you strengthen your muscles by engaging with ATV races, you also increase your heart rate and your breathing rate. This makes ATV racing as an extreme type of sports.

Because it is an extreme sport, it is necessary that you consider getting an ATV from reputable ATV manufacturers. This is to ensure that you are getting a good vehicle that is meant for racing and not for leisure only.

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Top Scuba Diving Sites in the World


The underwater experience is so breathtaking in so many ways, it is difficult to express. If you are a scuba diving hobbyist, then this is the article for you. Experience the best dive sites in the world!
Here’s to name a few:
Barrier Reef (Belize)
The Barrier reef is considered one of the best scuba diving sites in the world. Swim with the sea cows as you dive into the Big Blue Hole, one of the most enormous sinkhole known in the planet. Slip on to your dive suit and spare three to four days for this remarkable underwater experience.
Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
Known as the biggest structure on earth composed of living organisms, the Great Barrier Reef is possibly one of the most fascinating sites our eyes can feast on. Countless of endangered species freely swimming along with strange-looking animals. Fathom the medley of moving and beating colors sprawled across the infinite blue backdrop. It is considered a world heritage site that has earned the respect of generations.
Koh Tao (Thailand)
Koh Tao’s surplus of nightlife on land is directly proportional to the number of whale sharks swimming in their waters. Experience swimming with these magnificent creatures by sparing 3 days or 290 bucks. It is an experience worth telling.
Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands)
Experience the crystal clear waters of the Grand Cayman. The island is situated at the peak of a mountain that is why there is need to go far from the shore to go deep underwater. While on it, make sure to drop by Stingray City and witness tamed stingrays that feed on scraps left by fishermen in the vicinities.
Maaya Thila (Maldives)
To maximize the experience of being a diver, one should go to Maaya Thila to practice night diving! Here you are able to see different kinds of sea animals that you don’t normally see during the day. Besides, underwater is a whole lot different during the night!

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